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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Postcard Manifesto 0005

My name is Vicky. Reasons why I should rule the world, based in the UK.

1) Female -men are rubbish at it.

2) Can control money and temper.

3) My friends/cabinet + I speak a wide range of languages, so could talk instead of attack.

4) Help UK to eradicate poverty. Then we have more people to aid other countries.

5) Ban things that create illness. The we have more healthy people to aid other countries.

6) Compulsory organ donor register (see above).

7) Overseas Aid -focus on housing, health, education. Sending money is wrong -sending goods/help is better.

Add your manifesto.


Blogger Adrian said...

What was on the front of this postcard?

12:22 AM

Blogger Steele said...

Sorry I had some problems uploading pictures to blogger. I've updated the post now to show both sides.

2:20 AM


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